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AVIATION TECHNICAL TRAINING GmbH is a technical college for aeronautical engineering approved by the Federal Aviation Office (Luftfahrt Bundesamt).

Approval No. DE147.0011



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Welcome to Institute of aircraft maintenance engineering (IAME) a top institute that is affiliated with EASA 147 Approved Organizations, where IAME will be conducting Basic EASA Part 66 Training for B1/B2 courses. IAME aims to serve Pakistan by cultivating student’s knowledge and skills to become professional Aircraft Maintenance engineers.

Director’s Message

IAME offers effective training solutions using diverse and modern training methods including classroom teaching, Computer Based Training (CBT) as well as practical courses for EASA B1.1 On Job Training (OJT) with hands-on training and direct access to aircraft, components, parts, and engines in our fully equipped engine, airframe and avionics workshops

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Institute of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (IAME) offers a unique educational experience for avid Learners, by providing the best aircraft maintenance License Program with pride, authenticity and originality.

Institute of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (IAME) aims to serve Pakistan Aviation Industry enhancing an Aircraft maintenance student to a professional Aircraft Maintenance Engineer. An aircraft maintenance engineering that will have resilience leading them into multiple discoveries and achievements as aviation professional.

Institute of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (IAME) aims to give the best aviation educational opportunities, essential skills, knowledge, professionalism with all resources and possibilities so that an individual could work in an aviation professional environment.
IAME aims to become the Best Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Institute, best aviation institute.

Our Vision

Our Mission

The essence of engineering lies in Part 145 practical training. Our mission is to make sure that Institute of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (IAME) must enrich a brain that is equally involved in gaining EASA part147 theoretical knowledge along with EASA part 145 practical training.

Our mission is to ensure our graduates are employment ready for aviation industry. Institute of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (IAME) enriches the lives of students by providing them with opportunities to enhance their intellectual academic and professional potential and instilling Professionalism leading them to become successful and responsible citizens.

The aviation industry is a prestigious and acclaimed industry to work under international standards, and our students will be polished enough to have such standards that are followed by EASA, CAA, and all the stakeholders involved.

IAME Fee Structure

Download IAME Fee Structure from here