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Category B1 – Maintenance Certifying Technician – Mechanical 5 Years

B1 License

  • Category B1 authorization entitles the holder to issue Certificates of Release to Service after maintenance work, including work on: the airframe; the engines; mechanical and electrical systems.
  • Category B1 authorization includes the replacement of quickly replaceable avionic units for which a simple check (usually on board) is required to verify their integrity for further operation.
  • Category B1 authorization automatically entitles the holder to issue Category a Certificates of Release to Service. Category B1 is subdivided into subcategories relative to combinations of aero planes, helicopters, turbines and piston engines.

EASA part 66 requirements

Theoretical training

  • Theoretical knowledge is demonstrated by passing the required EASA part 66 modules exams

Practical training (On Job training)

  • The practical knowledge is demonstrated by submitting an experience logbook.
  • The logbook must have complete details of the tasks performed, including the type of aircraft and job card number.

EXAM format

The questions for the basic exams can be multiple-choice questions (MCQ) or essay format. All modules have MCQ, whereas, modules 7, 9, and 10 have MCQs and essay type Questions.

Entry Requirements

  • If you studied a part 147 approved courses, you need only 2 years of experience.
  • If you are coming from an accepted military background, you require 3 years of experience.
  • If you don’t have any of the above, you need 5 years’ Experience.

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AME Courses

IAME offers aircraft maintenance engineering courses (B1/B2)


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